Below are photos of different colors,  parts and airplanes. All parts are related to Cessna 170 through 185 airplanes.

Extended Baggage kit
Extended Baggage Kit shown above with baggage door and panel opposite baggage door. Color is mocha and black.
Fiberglass Interior Kit installed in Cessna 180
Above photo shows front of the fiberglass interior kit installed in Cessna 180 in mocha. Note dark pocket and small welt around door jamb.
selkirk4Right front door post shown in mocha for early Cessna airplanes. Note hand hold strap finished in brown vinyl. Left PostLeft front door post shown in mocha for late style Cessna airplanes with factory hand hold strap.

Rear fuselage coverStep 4Shown above is the co-pilot rear panels with the start of the Atlee Dodge seat rail installation. Color is Selkirk Grey.
Flap tunnel cover for early Cessna airplanes. Shown here also is the SA55-24 fuel selector cover. Color is light Robert’s Grey.

SA-55-19Flap tunnel cover shown with tail wheel lock, rudder trim, elevator trim, flap handle and cowl flap handle cover. Color is ivory.



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