The 11 gel coat colors are available for all interior parts and extended baggage kits.

Selkirk Aviation manufactures rugged, durable and lightweight interior kits. We are accepting orders now for the following Cessna models: 170, 170A, B; all years 172; all years 175; all years 180; years 1956 to 1971 182s;  all years 185;  all years U and TU 206; and all years 207 models.

Newest items: Interior parts for Cessna 182 years 1962 to 1971 are available.

Interior kits and extended baggage kits are available in these 11 colors:

Panel Two Colors

Panel 1 (left to right): Charcoal, Selkirk Grey, Red, Robert’s Grey, and Blue. Black is not shown.

Panel One Colors

Panel 2 (left to right): Mocha, Brown, White, Coral Brown, and Ivory.

172 Left rear interior panel

Late style Cessna 172 white and red

Cessna 206 Interior Panel

Rear Panels Cessna 206 Selkirk grey

Rear View Early Cessna 172

Rear view early Cessna 172 charcoal and ivory

Left Side Rear Panels - Cessna 180-185 Late Style

Left Side Rear Panels – Cessna 180-185 Late Style Roberts grey

Right Rear Panels for Cessna 180 - 185 - Late Style

Right rear panels for Cessna 180/ 185 – late style w/ atlee dodge seat rails Roberts grey 

Rear View Cessna 185 - Late Style

Rear view Cessna 180/185 – Late style with third window. Roberts grey

Jumbo Fuselage Cover

Jumbo fuselage cover SA55-14J for 55 series airplanes. Roberts grey