Hello!  I am Travis Wetherelt, winner of the Alaska Airmen’s Association’s 2020 Cessna 180 raffle plane.  I traveled to Alaska from North Dakota for the first time to see this stunning plane.  I am truly humbled by everything that went into making this airplane so incredible!  The crew at Above Alaska Aviation has been kind enough to help me with my request, to personally thank each vendor that was unable to market their products at the Great Alaska Aviation Gathering due to its cancellation as a result of Covid-19. 

Please feel free to use the attached pictures for your marketing as a token of my appreciation.  As a small business owner, I understand how this has impacted everything, and want to make sure I extend credit where it is due.  I am still in disbelief, and I want you to know that your time and products made a wonderful prize for me to share with my son!   Thank You for your amazing contribution!