Composite Cowlings by Selkirk Aviation for PA18 Aircraft.

Non-certified for PA18 aircraftShows the filter housing, two doors and upper and lower cowling pieces. Cost is $3,104 for standard cub and $3,136 for wide body cub complete with installation hardware. For use on PA18 aircraft with field approval. Cowls come primed ready for paint.
Side View Cub CowlSide view of cowling shows door panel.
Top view of cowling.Top view of cowling.
Front view non-certified PA18 Cub CowlingFront view of cowling for PA18 aircraft. Cowlings are primed ready for paint.

Cost is $3,104 to $3,136 complete with installation hardware.  For use on PA18 aircraft.

Additional pieces include a front mounted oil cooler fairing for $367.

A heat muff air scoop available for $148. Seaplane Lip $60.

Please feel free to write or call for information on Selkirk Aviation’s composite cowlings for PA18 aircraft.